Maya 2015 builds, and a brain dump

  • Wed Jul 2, 2014

I’ve decided to close public ngSkinTools source repository. Seems like releasing source code did more harm than good - an interest for support from a credible company was shown, but the open source was a huge negative factor in negotiations. Of course, the fact that this open-source initiative failed is primarily my fault, it’s not like you can just post the code online and expect for features to pour in, right? Anyway, the source goes back to my basement.

Now, regarding future support for Maya versions… Here’s a preview how ngSkinTools usage looks like at the moment for last 12 months or so, based on around 30 thousand launches of ngSkinTools (from those using “check for update” function).

With this in mind, I’m contemplating to drop support for Maya 2010 and below - maybe even 2011 if that means more features for users of 2012 and up.

It’s been a silent period for ngSkinTools lately, and would be nice to have an update, eh? I have a huge backlog of rather complex tasks to work on - but before pulling any of that, anyone has any small requests? Mirror joint matching by name revisiting (an option to match by suffix) comes to mind first… Let me know your preferences in the users group.