Release - 1.0beta.902

  • Fri Jan 16, 2015

So… A slightly bigger release this time. Been spending my nights since early December on all of this, hopefully it was worth it. As there were quite a few changes here, I would generally expect some minor inconveniences around features that were touched.

  • Fixed: Maya 2015 crashes when scene with ngSkinTools data is being saved into .ma file;
  • A lot of changes around mirror, import, and transfer weights;
  • Added a long outstanding and highly requested feature to transfer skin layers from one mesh to another;
    • Possible to review and adjust influence mapping before transfer is done;
    • Different source and destination mesh topologies are supported;
  • Import on a changed mesh is now also possible;
  • Revamped “Init Mirror” window, should make working with manual influence matching a bit easier;
  • A big rework on influence matching algorithm, new matching engine is now used for import, transfer and mirror;
    • Better prediction of left/right influences when matching by name or position;
    • “Ignore suffix” support for left/right influences - previously only prefix was supported;
    • An option to ignore namespaces when transfering/importing weights;
  • XML export option removed from UI for now, thinking to dump the feature in the long run; XML only made sense for older Mayas that did not have JSON support; JSON is just an overall more compact format for the type of data to be stored (especially numeric arrays);