Release - 1.0beta.925

  • Fri May 22, 2015

Added a few more features based on your feedback. As always, feel free to contact me and shift development priorities to your advantage!

Dual Quaternion blend weights painting was way too involving, and a lot of old code needed touching/rework - if you notice anything broken, please report asap.

  • Added Dual Quaternion weights painting when skin cluster “Skinning Method” is set to “Weight Blended”. The new feature should be available across all tools, including painting, mirroring, transfer, import/export, layer duplicate, weights copy/paste;
  • Vertex match mode can now be specified when transferring weights;
    • Closest point on surface (previous default implementation)
    • UV space
    • By vertex ID (old implementation where vertexes were matched by their IDs)
  • UV space will only work when transferring mesh to mesh (will default to “closest point” when importing weights from file)
  • Some stability improvements.