Release - 1.0beta.947

  • Sat Jun 6, 2015

Mainly a fix release, but sneaking in a few improvements. Layer drag/drop won’t work on 2011 Maya; did not want to add another hack. This will probably be the last ngSkinTools to be released for Maya 2011.

  • Fixed: mirror should be more precise now in matching left-right vertices;
  • Fixed: undo should now be fast when painting once again;
  • Fixed: multi-influence selection sometimes could fail to work properly;
  • Middle-mouse drag of layers list allows re-arranging them; layer order is preserved in multi-layer drag/drop as well;
  • Paint brush intensities can now be set above 1.0 or below 0.0, allowing you to do “scale by 2.0” or “add -0.1”;
  • Middle-mouse drag of influences don’t allow messing up the list anymore;
  • New mirror mode added: “flip”;
  • Added an “invert” action on an influence/mask;
  • Added a new weights paste mode, “substract”;
  • updated layer blending algorithm slightly. If base layer has transparency, and a layer on top fits that transparency, base layer is not scaled. Continued through whole stack (if blend result of first two layers has transparency, and can fit third layer, no scale happens, etc);