Release - 1.0.960

  • Mon Oct 26, 2015

Thanks all for feedback - here’s your fixes and additions.

  • Fixed: weights transfer fails to import influences where source logical index is not available in destination;
  • Fixed: “assign weights by closest joint” works incorrectly with meshes that were bound not at zero position;
  • Feature: UV based mirroring. Enable this by changing “vertex mapping mode” when initializing mirror. Mirror axis is fixed U=0.5 (imagine vertical line dividing UV quadrant in half), so you might need UV layout created specifically for mirroring;
  • Feature: Copy/paste behavior changed when vertex selection is made:
    • all weights for selected influence/mask still copied to memory;
    • “Cut” now zeroes-out selected area only
    • “Paste” only affects selected area (can be different than on copy/cut)
    • Soft selection is supported
  • Minor UI rearrangement in “Transfer Weights” dialog;
  • Changed how initialization of first layer (reading weights from skinCluster) happens in some corner cases, and this might have degraded performance of this operation slightly;