OSX - take 2

  • Fri Oct 30, 2015

So ngSkinTools never had good support for OSX, for obvious reason that I don’t own the hardware to build it on.

I’ve made an attempt in the past to crowd-source a Mac of some sort, that didn’t get a lot of attention. I’ve tried to use a virtual machine of shady origins, but the experience was so painful I could not force myself to spend time on this, not to mention the viewport never worked, so testing was severely handicapped as well.

But now.. Now we’ve got a different situation! Out of ~600 usd needed for minimum spec Mac Mini (considering European prices), Lior Ben Horin is covering a generous 200$, and I’m willing to add another 200$ from ngSkinTools donations fund (which would be like the most of it - I’ll still keep some for other project expenses).

So I only need another measly 200$! Please donate your share, and ngSkinTools should have a proper OSX support in no time! Let’s make this quick, I’ll call it success or fail in a week.

As always, should the initiative fail again, I promise to refund. Add a comment to your donation that it’s specifically for OSX support.

Edit: I have enough collected now, thanks! You can still contribute if you feel like:)