Availability of ngSkinTools for Maya 2016.5, license changes

  • Thu May 5, 2016

Recently I’ve been flooded with messages asking when I’ll update ngSkinTools for latest Maya release. The answer is “soon”.

First, there’s one bigger feature I want to get finished and documented, and then release an update for all supported Mayas, including 2016.5.

Then, I’m doing some preparation for Autodesk App Store, which means some changes to how plugin is packaged for distribution, which means more changes and more testing.

Another thing I’m considering lately is introduction of paid plugin version. For years I’ve been distributing ngSkinTools with a “free for non-commercial use” license, and technically, you could not use it in production unless you specifically came to me and asked. I still plan to supply a free version of the plugin as well, so don’t panic just yet. Again, if you’ll continue using plugin for commercial projects, I hope you’ll be pressed a little bit harder to get the paid version instead.

Thank you for the patience!