ngSkinTools for Maya 2016.5 released

  • Wed May 25, 2016

Ok, so this took longer than expected. Probably related to the fact that I decided to revamp the whole website, repackage ngSkinTools in Autodesk appstore compatible format,, and re-setup my whole build environment for four latest Mayas version on all three operating systems. There were a lot of Maya’s launched and relaunched.

Expect slight disruption with the website and the tool while everything settles down.

Release changes:

  • Initial support for parent-child relationship for layers (use middle-mouse drag to organize layer hierarchies);
  • NgSkinTools should try to do a better job cleaning up temporary node for displaying vertex colors during weight painting.
  • Some internal code cleanup regarding how layer blending is triggered (when interactive writting to skin cluster is temporarily turned off when doing batch of changes, like import/export or file load). Low probability of instability - report any issues.
  • Import/export: layer.enabled, layer.opacity and layer.influences are now optional in JSON file;
  • Import/export now supports “parent” attribute.