Release - 1.0.969

  • Tue Jun 21, 2016

An update to licensing implementation, and a few bug-fixes. As always, thanks for your feedback and help hunting the bugs.

Not all bug fixes made it into this update - see tracker for progress on the remaining ones

  • Updates to license key handling: license activation now uses license key file. The file can be obtained automatically or requested via email - follow the activation wizzard for details. Current owners of license key will have to re-enter the key after the upgrade.
  • Bugfix: importing or duplicating layers used to create huge undo queue, consuming a lot of memory;
  • Bugfix: some ngSkinTools operations could crash Maya after being repeatedly called with invalid parameters;
  • Bugfix: ngSkinTools would crash when skinCluster has invalid weights values (vertex IDs that do not exist, invalid influence indexes)
  • Internal rework: simplified check-for-upgrade implementation.