Release - 1.2.0

  • Sun Aug 28, 2016

A little bit late for Maya 2017 release, I thought I’ll end up rewriting the whole UI. Please note that in Maya 2017 you can utilize the Workspaces layout - after opening up ngSkinTools UI, just dock it somewhere and save along your prefered workspace for skinning.

Summary of changes:

  • Upgrade to Maya 2017. A lot of rework for UI to support breaking changes in Maya API;
  • UI fixes for Maya 2016.5;
  • Version check should now work better with minor Maya upgrades;
  • Removing some joint colors for paint mode, to make wireframes a bit more visible;
  • Some internal data restructure, slight performance increase should be observed on larger meshes;
  • Bugfix: fixes to child layers order after import.