ngSkinTools 1.5.3
Released on March 10, 2017

Maya 2014 Maya 2015 Maya 2016 Maya 2016.5 Maya 2017

Release notes

Primarily a bug-fix release. Still got a few highly requested features (“distribute removed weight to other influences”, several fixes to mirroring process) - did not want to delay the release further as we had some pretty severe Maya 2017 related issues.

  • Fixed: UI issues in 2017 (errors after startup, stacktrace spam in script output). For few other 2017 UI issues that I could not reproduce - I kindly ask to retest with this new release and let me know if you still have it, like or;
  • Added: “Edit | Delete Custom Nodes From Selection”;
  • “Reset to default preferences” moved to “Help” menu (to not accidentally interfere with more frequently used edit operations;
  • Fixed: flooding mask with vertex selection not always properly updates skin weights;
  • Fixed: smoothing uninitialized mask leaves it uninitialized (was being filled with zeroes before);
  • Added initial multithreading support. Calculating skin weights, as well as mesh-to-mesh mapping (used in mirror and weight transfer) should be considerably faster.
  • Fixed: influence mapping is not calculated during painting if interactive mirroring is not enabled (also could have written this as “speeds up initialization of paint tool by up to 2 seconds for very large influence counts”)
  • Fixed: slight speed improvements for influence mapping calculation;

Single installation supports all installed Mayas, thanks to the new way Maya discovers it's plugins.

For each platform, there are two downloads - installer and a plain .zip archive. Use installer for automatic setup, or .zip if you need more control over the installation.