ngSkinTools 1.5
Released on December 4, 2016

Maya 2014 Maya 2015 Maya 2016 Maya 2016.5 Maya 2017

Release notes

  • Functionality change: mirroring does not have “initialization” concept anymore. There’s no need to go back to T-pose, just adjust your settings directly in mirror tab and mirror.
  • Functionality change: weight transfer is now pose-insensitive. “Closest vertex” transfer mode uses bind pose mesh.
  • Added: “sharpen” brush. This is an “edit all influences at once” brush, and could unofficially be called “remove smooth”. For each vertex, values for it’s dominant influences grow larger, while reducing weight of other influences.

Single installation supports all installed Mayas, thanks to the new way Maya discovers it's plugins.

For each platform, there are two downloads - installer and a plain .zip archive. Use installer for automatic setup, or .zip if you need more control over the installation.