ngSkinTools 1.7.0
Released on September 26, 2017

Maya 2014 Maya 2015 Maya 2016 Maya 2016.5 Maya 2017 Maya 2018

Release notes

Took much longer than expected, but finally releasing update for Maya 2018. There’s been a lot of refactoring in build system (again), so I almost expect that something broke for someone out there. In case you have serious issues (like, plugin not starting at all), reinstall the previous release and let me know - I’ll try to get it fixed asap (as always).

Note: only 2017 and 2018 Maya is supported on OSX with this release. Did not want to delay the release any further - will hopefully push support for older versions with next iteration.

There’s also some small fixes in functionality:

  • Fixed: mesh should redraw properly after mirror undo/redo;
  • Mirroring should now properly respect vertex selection.

Single installation supports all installed Mayas, thanks to the new way Maya discovers it's plugins.

For each platform, there are two downloads - installer and a plain .zip archive. Use installer for automatic setup, or .zip if you need more control over the installation.