ngSkinTools 2.0.2
Released on March 24, 2020

Maya 2018 Maya 2019 Maya 2020

Release notes

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed: when paint is started in “isolate selected” mode, paint surface is not shown;
  • Fixed: paint tab / display settings: display values not consistent with viewport between closing/opening viewport;
  • Fixed: after toggling to original mesh, animation is not updating for that mesh while paint tool is active;
  • Fixed: painting appears to be stuck if painting with 1.0 brush over 1.0 painted area - only brushes that update weights refresh brush cursor.

Not fixed:

  • Stylus pressure handling is not working properly: probably a Maya 2020 bug; filed a bug to Autodesk to investigate;

Minor life quality improvements:

  • Paint tab, “Show original mesh” button will appear to be pressed down when original mesh is visible;

Single installation supports all installed Mayas, thanks to the new way Maya discovers it's plugins.

For each platform, there are two downloads - installer and a plain .zip archive. Use installer for automatic setup, or .zip if you need more control over the installation.