Professional or hobbyist?

You're encouraged to go for Standard edition if you're paid for what you use ngSkinTools for.

Site license

*approximately per user

  • All benefits of Standard
  • Unlimited installations within the company
  • Only 5 users or more



Previous releases


per seat

  • Required for production use
  • Reuse across different Maya versions
  • Free future upgrades
  • Paid-only features

Autodesk Appstore


Previous releases


as long as used for

  • Evaluation
  • Education & training
  • Non-commercial use
  • Paid-only features


Previous releases

Previous releases

Related information

The "standard" license is node-locked to a specific workstation on first use, and only occasional switch between workstations is permitted (e.g., hardware upgrade).

Site license basically means that for a fixed price I'm issuing a license file that allows you to activate ngSkinTools on an unlimited number of workstations inside your organization. As the size of studios vary, the cost of such license a topic for negotiation - the listed price is per each user of the plugin. By "user" in this case I mean active user that needs ngSkinTools to do his/her job, I don't care if some odd animator needs the plugin to check WIP rig or you need the ngSkinTools on the render node.

No, not in the foreseeable future. Site license is the closest thing.
As long as you're using the same computer, feel free to reuse the same license key.

The EULA is a standard Autodesk Appstore EULA without any superseeding license:

In the past ngSkinTools was distributed under "free for non-commercial use" license. Technically there's no change there, except that now there is an official way to actually buy commercial use license as well.

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