About ngSkinTools project

ngSkinTools came a rather long road since starting off as a small personal rigging tool back in 2009. There would be periods of very active development and periods where some might declare the project dead.

An ongoing positive feedback I’m getting from all of you keeps the project active to this date. Between my day job and the familly, I try to do my best to keep it fresh, with as many bugs hunted and with all your highly requested features implemented.

project present and the future

The summary of project updates can be found in changelog, releases and other important events are reported in news section as well. I’m trying to slowly substitute changelog for releases list, in case you need to downgrade for any reason.

The list of open and ongoing issues can be viewed on Pivotal Tracker. I try to keep items there sorted by priority - if you feel that something should be implemented sooner, just let me know, I’ll be more than happy to adjust priorities to YOUR needs.

about the author

ngSkinTools is being developed by me, Viktoras Makauskas. Rigging and tools development for Maya has been my job in the past, and though I’m currently sailing the seas of corporate IT, character rigging (and CG, in general) remains my hobby. When in forums or mailing lists, you’ll probably meet me as uiron.

You can drop me a personal message using this contact form.