ngSkinTools came a rather long road since starting off as a small personal rigging tool back in 2009, and it is now widely adopted and used by hundreds, if not thousands of people every day. I continuously get all kinds of great feedback, I love to see how people keep recommending the tool to their friends, and this is what is keeping the project alive for so long!

Project status

I recently closed the first chapter of ngSkinTools life - version 1.x is now entering maintance mode; for as long as Autodesk keeps python2 support in their future versions of Maya, I’ll try to keep v1 on life support, recompiling for newer Maya versions or fixing critical bugs.

ngSkinTools development will continue as V2 - a major rewrite, with lots of improvements, bug fixes, and a fresh foundation for future development.


I am Viktoras Makauskas, a veteran developer at this point in life:) Rigging and tools development for Maya has been my job in the past, and though I’ve since switched to a different type of developer, character rigging (and CG, in general) remains my hobby.

You can drop me a personal message using this contact form.